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    I just counted, I have fifteen cameras right now. Why do I have 15 cameras?

    The Canon 50D, 20D, SD600, EOS 650 G3 QL 17and AE1. The Yashica Mat124G, TWO Electro 35s! A Petri 7, Pentax K1000, Arg0flex, Ikoflex and Polaroid Land and a Seagull TLR.

    I think I may need professional help! Or a bigger apartment.


    I think I may need professional help! Or a bigger apartment.

    No, you need more cameras 😉


    15? pfffft. amateur


    Well your first problem is the fact that you have so many Canons. Go ahead and drop those in the trash and buy yourself a nice Nikon D7000. :mrgreen:

    I’m feeling so inadequate – I have the D7000, an old P&S Powershot, and a new Holga 120N on the way from an ebay purchase. Jealous of your 15 cameras.


    You guys are going to make us actually count, aren’t you?


    I’ve been smirking over this thread, thinking “Just a dead xTi and a live one”. But I just remembered the two Argus cameras. And the Kodak Flash Bantam. And the 3-d Nishika I’ve yet to bastardize.

    It’s a slippery slope. I’m still near the top, but I’m going downhill and gaining speed…


    I am still near the top of that slippery slope too. I have my Rebel xs, a canon a560, a couple of super cheap 35mm cameras and not one but 2 Kodak Tourist ii cameras. On the plus side the second Tourist is in even better condition than the first one I bought. No light leaks and every thing works perfectly. So I only have 6 at the moment


    Camera Pr0n by Orionid, on Flickr

    10 Folders
    7 Instants
    6 pinholes
    5 Boxes
    5 SLR’s
    4 Cartridge cameras
    3 Bastards
    1 TLR
    1 Digital P&S
    7 “other”

    For 49 total (50 if you count the d90 the shot was taken with, 53 if you count our cellphones and a polaroid 440 I couldn’t find for the shot, and 55 if you count two other rocket cams that are no longer of this world)


    Seek help. Or open a store. 😉

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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