Velvia vs leprosy

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    I’m having an argument on another forum about the girl (Kusumi Koharu) in this picture.
    One side says “The dumbass shot human flesh with velvia!”
    The other says “That girl has leprosy!”

    I won’t say which side I’m on, so don’t worry about taking sides. What do you guys think?

    It was shot in 2007 by Hideki Kono, who has a background in shooting low budget posters and covers (magazine, CD, DVD, etc).


    Hm…I don’t really know much about film (though a quick google told me that Velvia is bad for skin tones for the red hue it imparts), but to me the photo’s exposure just doesn’t look good–looks overexposed. Velvia could be a contributing factor, but I think the bigger problem is general photography, so I’ll go with that option.


    There are no seeping pustules, therefore not leprosy.


    who has a background in shooting low budget posters and covers (magazine, CD, DVD, etc).

    low budget notwithstanding that’s a crappy photo. or really bad reproduction.


    Looks to me like there wasn’t enough light on her face to overcome the bright background/backlighting on her hair so the photographer compensated by slowing down the exposure, which blew out the highlights. Also, she’s wearing red, which accents the redness in her skin, making the situation worse.

    I’d say she’s healthy, though she needs a sammich. Or a hot dog. Heh.


    The other question is why the hell did they use such a bad picture of her?

    She’s on a tv show weekly, in HDTV, with lots of close ups, there are HDTV and crazy resolution photos of her from concerts where she’s undeniably sweaty and gross, and so on. And, in her almost two years of that, no one has seen her look this bad. And yet, for some reason, this obviously bad picture is the COVER of her 2nd photobook.
    Anyone have any idea what on earth they’re thinking?


    velvia = high contrast and very high saturation, it doesn’t look like it to me at all. Velvia on the overexposed side looks much more like this:

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