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video editing?

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    So, I was happily milling about my internets when I stumbled upon this.

    Yes, a Morning Musume。 video contest! And they acknowledged American fans exist! And they provided a bunch of clips of them in front of a green screen!
    Then it occured to me that the last time I did video editing it was an indeo avi with virtualdub.
    I’d like to think things have progressed in the past 15 years or so.
    Anyone here into video editing? What’re the kids using these days? Anyone else interested in throwing together a video for them? Pelting me half-eaten muffins for asking?


    *Begins eating muffin*

    No idea about video editing, but I’d be happy to contribute in some way if you want to give me some instructions!


    I did some b-rate stuff for my ship’s final-cruise DVD, as well as some goofing around, using a $45 program (Magix Movie Edit Pro 11) with most of the required functions….. I’m far from pro, but you can check out what I’ve done here:

    Edited to add the following:

    Although I mostly stuck with the basics – crossfade, solid cut, etc. – the ones that I actually did a bit of editing with were:
    Paintball Fun
    Farkin cold
    Shore Power Fiasco
    Day of Departure

    I also played with time scaling in the 5x5x5 Rubik’s. There are some options that I used like selective pixelation to keep the DVD family-freindly-ish, but the videos that demonstrate that haven’t been uploaded — I’d already made a promise to the people in them that they wouldn’t hit the internet. There’s alot of options in the software that I haven’t tapped yet, like chroma-keying, alpha transitions, pre-canned special effects and whatnot.


    $45!? Pfft, if I had that kind of money I’d just have the group kidnapped and shipped to my crawl space!

    I’m going to fool around with converting it to a more user friendly format with “SUPER”, then editing it with either WAX or that windows movie maker crap over the weekend. Then, after my spirit is broken, and my feet are marred from kicking the goads, I might consider paying for software.

    I mean, Casio’s Exilim does this stuff! It should be free and easy!
    I just want to have them flouncing about with staplers! I have video of them flouncing in front of a green screen and I have video of staplers! THIS IS AMERICA, DAMN IT!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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