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    Has anyone ever brought up the idea of farking video contests? There’s photoshop contests, farktography, of course, why not video?

    It seems a natural extension; there would be themes, genre(s?), limitations (“film a video of no more than 15 seconds that…) etc. Not sure how you’d start something like that, but I think there would be some interest among all the farkers out there (and not necessarily any of the farktographers here, though methinks staplermofo would have some awesome videos with his creativity).

    So on that note, how did these farktography contests get started? How many people participated originally, and how did it grow? There aren’t any history books on the subject short of reading back on every posting ever made here, and I just don’t have THAT much time. I’ve farked for years, but only got into the photo stuff more recently than the past 6 months (this is what unemployment does…and now I’m hooked.)

    Do tell. I’d be interested in a little wiki-sized account of farktography, preferably from the viewpoints of as many people who would care to share (the originals, the other newbies, etc.) And I wonder what others think of the idea of video contests (which would mean I’d have to buy another toy, but…whatever.)


    There used to be videoedit contests(even had an icon ), but I dont think Ive seen them for a couple of years. I have no clue who ran them or why it stopped, but I don’t think it ever had a huge amount of participation. As for how farktography started people just started posting photographys(maybe with a theme, I started a little after this but I think Elsinore was there for the very beginning) in the totalfark discussion on wednesday nights for fun and there wasnt even voting. This went on for a little while until they convinced/got drew drunk enough to let them have their own thread for a weekly contest.


    Yeah it was very short lived from what I remember. Audio edits too. Just not much participation and a lot more effort involved than taking a picture or doing a photoshop.

    As far as farktography, I’ve only been here for just over a year. I’m so glad that I joined though. It’s a great bunch of folks, and I definitely believe that these contests have greatly contributed to the improvement of my skeelz.


    I also watched farktography for years before I played but it’s had a, uh, significant impact on my life in addition to my photography. I’m quite happy I started.


    OK, I started writing a history of Farktography then realized how long winded it was getting, even as a gloss. I have to eat dinner, but I’ll post the verbose drivel later, and if you’re seriously bored, you can read it 😆

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