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    So, my last move told me that I have too much crap. So I’m offloading some. As far as the cameras go, I’m letting go of the old ones that I don’t use, or that were picked up for parts to use with future camera-rocket projects. Per Elsinore‘s request, here’s photos and asking prices. You know, for everyone else’s Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

    Kodak Instamatic 100

    Good working order, uses 126 film. Lens is dusty internally.

    Kodak Instamatic 304

    Mechanics in good working order, flash untested, battery cover opens and closes smoothly. Lens is dusty internally, and has a funny-shaped aperture. Looks like something is missing from the front of the lens casing, too. Might be cosmetic, might be some sort of adjustment. Uses 126 film.


    Brownie Hawkeye Flash

    Mediocre working order (shutter stick or is slow maybe 1/15 times), no flash unit (I kept it for my other one 😀 ). The bakelite case is chipped at two points, I don’t know if this causes light leaks or not as I haven’t ran film through this one. A little gaffers tape before shooting should make it no concerns. Lens and viewfinder are pretty dirty, but the hawkeyes are a relatively easy strip and clean. Uses 620 film.

    $3 or $10 if you want me to clean and lubricate it for you.

    Argus 264

    Film catch is stuck internally, I haven’t done any troubleshooting so it may be an easy fix, it may be hosed. Since 126 cameras rely on the film catch to reset the trigger, shutter mechanics are also untested. Film winder works fine. Fair cosmetic condition, has combination plastic and leather case. Uses 126 film.


    Meikoi / Meikai EL-X

    Near perfect working order and cosmetic condition. Cheap construction, possibly holga-like effects. Uses 35mm film.


    Argus C3 Rangefinder

    Good mechanical working order with the exception of the exposure counter. Lenses are a little dusty, fair cosmetic condition (faux-leather on front is peeling at corners).



    Good working order, moderate cosmetic condition. Ratchet-winding film advance. Lens looks kind of cheap, but is a ricoh f/2.8 35mm. Uses 126 film.


    Tower/Mamiya (Sears) 20b

    Shutter blades stick. Uses 35mm film. I did a little poking but didn’t want to dig as deep as I apparently need to. Surprisingly little technical data available online. I have no earthly ideas what to ask for on this one, as on one side, it doesn’t work and doesn’t seem an easy fix. On the other side, it’s got a Mamiya f/1.7 48mm lens.

    If anybody’s interested in anything, let me know. I’ll figure out exact shipping costs once I know how much of what you want, and target zip code.

    /Edited cuz I forgot “http://”


    I’m not interested but I wanted to let you know that I suffer from the same affliction. It’s very hard for me to pass by a garage sale in my neighborhood and almost impossible to not buy a camera.


    Man, now that I see your brownie, I’m definitely getting the one I saw if it’s still there next Friday (but I’ll negotiate the price.) But me wants one. The one I saw was in pristeen condition; no rust at all (The nice thing about a desert is rust usually isn’t a problem.) I’ll figure out how to load it somehow.


    Hmm I might be interested in the Meikoi / Meikai EL-X and the Argus C3.


    Send me your zip code in a PM, and I’ll stop by the post office to calculate shipping. If you want higher res photos or alternate angles, let me know, I’ll upload tonight.

    I’ve also got a Polaroid 600 (got two, only need one), and a Polaroid square shooter landcam and two (expired) film packs for it, but I’m leaning towards fleabay for those.

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