Reply To: groovy, btw


oooh, paging veruca!

ardvaark = mascot?

That or I nominate monkeybort’s smoking baby. Haha. It keeps making me laugh.

why not use both? *grin* i could probably whip something up when i get back from FL.

but if you’re serious, let me know and i’ll email you the file. or you can just grab it from the forum if’n ya want to.

idle_hands and I were discussing some projects maybe for the future – mine was adopting a farktography mascot and sending it around the world to be photgraphed by our collective selves in odd/weird locations. what do you think?

that, in addition to idle’s idea of sending a disposable camera around the country/world to our various participants, sounds like SO MUCH FUN.

Reminds me to set up a section for projects. Uno momento por favor…