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Thank you, thank you all, but you have no idea how little work I’ve done, so really, not an issue.

you’re definitely going to be beered if you’re ever in nova scotia!

so, may as well mention the “Pass the Farkamera Project” eh? hehe

i propose to buy one of those disposable cameras with say 24 or 36 exposures, then anyone who wants to participate can sign up and we’ll send it around the world. one shot each then the last one on the list has it developed and uploads the pix or sends the cd for one of us to upload (details sketchy at this point but you get the idea) so we can all see the pix.

i did have a look at them in the store and found there is a bewildering array of choices. i’ve never used one so could use some advice re: the best one for the job?

they all use 800 ISO film (at least, every single one i developed while working at the photo lab did), so not much choice there. i think our main choices are flash/no flash, and waterproof/not waterproof? i would say no flash and i am indifferent about the waterproof issue.