Re: a portrait..


according to one club i was in in millbrae ca; a portrait is pretty much any posed picture, while a grabshot is something off the cuff where the subject probably doesnt know he’s being shot, or if he does know he’s being photographed he doesnt have time or oportunity to pose, this distiction was made because when you have 30 photographers and 4 weeks of meetings you might as well have as many different types of contests as possible

in our club ( it doesn’t matter a whit, but some clubs with judging make the distinction

when i organised my website i had to weed out some grabshots that i classified as portraits, and some portraits that i classified as grabshots … just to conform as much as possible to the definitions i’d learned

yesterday i was in a forum talking about the difference between headshots for models vs headshots for actors…

some people are sticklers for detail…

since you were aware that your belly was being photographed (or if you were the photographer your subject was aware that she was being photographed and posed) it would be a portrait under that definition…

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