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I agree, it makes me feel better to have a lower number (plus I don’t want to look and see position 107 when I get another 1 voter :P)

lol I hadn’t noticed that yet–I have one that’s 214 :lol

I hear that! Thing is, after a bit of research, the current way is the way most “standings” are calculated (ref. Golf stats, NCAA College Football polls, &c.). The old way I’ve seen referenced as a “ranking”. Who knew?

“Standings” fit into a new set of stats I’m fiddling with better than “rankings” did, so I’m likely to keep it as is.

Yeah, that’s fine. I understand on the one hand. But on the other hand, when someone scans a list and sees a finish of 200, they’re generally going to think that 199 people (give or take) have more votes than that entry, as opposed to the reality that probably 30 other people finished with a single vote (or two) as well…