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Happy belated birthday, schnee! I checked onto your changes at the FSM; nice job.

However, I still find that there are ways to improve the search feature/portfolio view. First of all, I’d like to be able to switch the order of photos between place finish and number of votes. Secondly, I’d like the FSM to reflect tie votes in place finish. For example, the FSM lists my best finish as 7th place, when I really placed tied for tenth.

Thanks in advance for the changes!

mikemikeb Something like this?

contestid farktographer standing
2144379 WaffleFry_Rider 1
2144379 kmoser 2
2144379 GalleyWench 2
2144379 CaptainJim 4
2144379 chakalakasp 5
2144379 chakalakasp 6
2144379 GalleyWench 7
2144379 markie_farkie 7
2144379 lady_nocturne 7
2144379 Elsinore 10
2144379 staplermofo 10
2144379 markie_farkie 10
2144379 mikemikeb 10
2144379 Otto's_Jacket 14
2144379 Logomancer 14
2144379 eire_irie 14

(ignore formatting)

I don’t know when this will go live.