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maybe its time to revisit the idea of limiting entries to 2. with 360+ posts a contest they are getting a little cumbersome to sort through.

or maybe we should add a contest.

or maybe I’m just bitter because my photos are so far down nobody saw them.

i think both..

i asked this question once, and verusca kindly did a poll, which i never saw actually

i had several shots for this week’s contest, i wanted to post several but circumstances forced me to pick just one, turns out i picked a good one

sometimes i think that having too many pictures in a thread takes away from the votes you might get for a single picture, where someone sees a good entry they might say, i’ll vote for this one, but when they see 3 from one person they might vote for 1 of the three and spread their enthusiasm for you semi arbitrarily

a weekend contest would be good too…