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    A while back I was out on a photo shoot and one of my stops was the Tonto National Monument, featuring the cliff-dwelling ruins of the Rio Salado peoples.

    It turns out they give photo tours with pretty exclusive access to inside of the the Upper Cliff Dwelling (most just view the Lower Cliff Dwelling–and can’t go inside). Tours are limited to 7 people, and I got the last two spots in the last tour for this spring, April 26th, which is a Tuesday (yeah, that sucks for most people; works for my schedule, though!)

    I’d planned on having my photographer aunt from Colorado come join me, however she’ll be going through chemo for skin cancers and cannot do so. I have another aunt that wants to go, but she’s not a photographer, so I’m first extending the opportunity to caradoc, Plamadude, or Keshari or whomever else will be around that day and wants to join in. The details:

    $3 per person. I’ll treat. 😀 Tours are limited to 7 people, and it’s designed as a photo walk, so lots of stopping and shooting along the way.

    This involves hiking, about 1/2 through a wash (some wetness involved; negotiating slippery rocks possible), and 1/2 on switchbacks, a total gain in elevation of 600 feet over 1.5 miles, plus the return trip) So you should be in good condition for this type of journey, and wear appropriate footwear.

    Tour begins at 9am, need to check in 15 minutes early, if you’re late, you’re S.O.L.

    There can be active beehives, so if you’re allergic, bring the meds!

    No pets, period.

    Late April can be hot; bring appropriate quantities of water (I recommend a gallon for this 4 hour tour), and lots of foodies to snack upon.

    Anyone up for it? If not, I’ll likely call and cancel the extra space I’d reserved so another photographer can seize the opportunity (not that I don’t like my aunt, but it IS a photo tour, after all.)


    I may be interested, if I can get time off from class that day. The good thing about that is that I’m the only student in my one class that day, so it should be possible. I’d probably have to drive up from Tucson on Monday night, though, unless it’s close enough that I could make it in a couple of hours from Tucson.


    Wish I could go with, sounds like a neat day of fun. Sorry to hear about your aunt, hope the treatmemt goes well.

    /a gallon of water? How freakin hot is it going to be?


    Zero It’s the desert–you don’t phuquith hydration. Could be over 100, though not too terribly likely. 90’s, nearly for sure. My aunt and I hope so, as well.

    Plama, the ‘guide’ says plan 3 hours from Tucson. It’s 2 hours from Phoenix, so coming up here to save an hour down there isn’t sensible. But, if you can roust yourself out of bed early, packed and ready to go and be there on time, I’d love to have you along.


    Hmmmm. Let me talk to my professor. He’s usually pretty cool about this kind of stuff. I figure my typical hiking kit will work (this includes a 3 liter camelbak). I’ll let you know by next Tuesday.


    {Taps foot; looks at watch. Surveys landscape. Taps foot. *Phf-shas!*}

    //taps foot.

    ////waiting is


    Thanks for the offer, ravnostic, it sounds like a cool thing to do, but I can’t make it. Hope to see some great shots if you do go, though!


    As much as I would love to take you up on it, I cannot.

    I’d have to take a day off work, and I’m going to need all of it in May… for paternity leave.

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