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    As long as the total number of people is under 8 and you don’t mind sleeping bags, you can crash at my place.


    Also must love cats. A cat. A gigantic cat.

    he may bite you.


    Ok so here’s the deal. This will be a fairly long post but I’m going to outline pros and cons of a few things for discussion. First we have to agree on a date for this thing.
    There’s a couple of festivals that might pose a good backdrop to a farktography party.

    International Beer Festival
    July 2 – 4th

    What is it? A 3 day festival of rare micro-brews and exotic imports featuring over 150 beers from over 15 countries. Basically, a giant beer garden in the heart of Seattle. Also includes cigar bar, BBQ and other delicious foods, and a variety of bar games from beer pong to darts and backgammon.

    -4th of July a lot of people have time off already
    – “It has been called the most sophisticated beer festival in the country”
    -located in downtown Seattle near the Space Needle making it easy to reach other landmarks
    -4th of July festivities also in progress

    -a more expensive travel weekend
    -if you don’t like beer, gtfo
    -anyone with children, yeah not so much

    2009 Website: http://www.seattlebeerfest.com/Index2%20SIB.htm

    August 6 – 8

    What is it? Among other things, Seattle’s Air & Water Show. Hydroplane races, Daredevil stunts and of course, the Blue Angels. The fleet comes in and there’s a number of boating events as well.

    -Planes can be seen anywhere in the greater Seattle area while touring other venues
    -Somewhat off peak timing for hotels
    -Opportunities for some amazing photography

    -$25-40 tickets for Saturday’s decent seats
    -Everyone in the greater northwest shows up so everything from parking to hotels is jam-packed + traffic difficulties from closure of major routes to provide festival space and because of flyovers

    Western Washington State Fair (Puyallup Fair)
    September 10-26

    – Located in Puyallup, WA means staying in Tacoma, WA. This is nearer to Kes and cheaper than Seattle.
    – Long window of time to arrange a trip
    – Moderate prices ($11 at door, special deals everywhere for less)
    – Fairs have something for everyone + special events and shows
    – To a lesser extent, beer (and giant hamburgers. I mean GIANT. And chocolate covered bacon. And scones. *sigh*)
    – Kes knows this area better, can lead a more informative & comprehensive tour of interesting sites

    – later in the year than originally suggested
    – not everyone likes the fair ? though there are multitudes of photographic opportunities

    There are lots of other things to do in the Sea/Tac area. I would suggest doing the key event 1 day or maybe 2 depending how long this thing is going on, and going to other things as well.

    Other things – Seattle

    Pike Place Market
    Space Needle
    Museum of Modern Art
    Qwest Field/Safeco Park (Mariners)
    Museum of Science Fiction

    -> Bellevue (Seattle East)

    Bellevue Square Mall (where Bill Gates would shop if he shopped at malls)
    Microsoft Commercial Headquarters
    Bellevue Art Museum
    Coal Creek Nature Preserve & Wildlife Trail

    Other things -Tacoma

    Washington State History Museum
    Museum of Glass
    Tacoma Art Museum
    Pantages & Rialto Theaters
    Events @ Tacoma Dome
    Port of Tacoma
    Point Defiane State Park
    Ft. Defiance History Park
    Ft. Steilacoom Park
    Ruston Park & Commencement Bay (historic dist. walking tour)
    Northwest Game Wildlife Preserve
    Mt. Rainier National Park (about an hour drive)
    Olympic National Forest (about an hour and a half drive)
    Emerald Queen Casino
    Chehalis Designer Outlet Mall (about forty minute drive)

    Other things – In the Middle

    Boeing Air & Space Museum
    National Bonsai & Rhododendron Garden
    Southcenter Mall (biggest mall in Washington)
    Chopstix Piano Bar
    Seatac Airport!

    Anyway let’s get some feedback and ideas flowing


    Olavf, can I carpool with you guys? It’s only 12 hours. 😀

    If we don’t end up flying, sure 🙂

    Also must love cats. A cat. A gigantic cat.

    he may bite you

    I’m not skeered. We’ve got two fairly insane cats here…


    National Bonsai & Rhododendron Garden

    You didn’t mention that the other night…..

    I’m good with any of the dates.


    So…anyone else other than kat, olaf, pandy and orionid looking at inputting and/or coming? Harpo you live on the way don’t you?


    I’d be interested depending on what my work and/or school situation look like closer to then. But until that clears up some Im trying to avoid making any commitments that involve cross country flights. If I am able to do it though I’d vote for the beer festival or either mt rainier or olympia forest.


    I think the beer festival sounds fun. Among other things on that extensive list. I heart the museum of glass.


    I am more inclined to go to the beer fest myself. Still not sure if I will be able to get the time off or a vehicle to get there in. I currently have a truck with transmission problems. I don’t know whats wrong or how much that repair will set me back yet.


    General consensus seems to be beer festival July 2-4, so fark party would probably start on July 1st.


    So, if you saw the Road Trip thread, you saw that our hostess on the west coastess is heading eastward. Way eastward. I’m also currently in a time/financial pickle, and most likely won’t be able to make the july/seattle lineup.

    So, my question is, has anybody already invested money in airfare/lodging? If not, then I propose since kestrana and I were the primary movers and shakers planning this thing (and I still want to see it pulled off), and the midwest was the second highest number of votes, we plan for early to mid august in St Louis. Still before the kiddies go back to school, relatively central, and barbeque and beer central.


    I’ll say this. Back in the day when Myspace was cool, I attended a number of blog-b-ques for the bloggers, from California to N.Y.C. They were always fun, and I’d love to join in the hilarity that is sure to ensue at a farktography get-together, even though I’m a total farktography newb who’s photos never get any votes (hey, at my first blog-b-que, I met top 10 bloggers I was in awe of, though a couple years later people who came had said they were in awe of me–here’s hoping!!)

    So I’m a go, so long as I can 1)afford it (I got a job at least) and 2) can take the time off (I’m currently contract, but hope to be made permanent sooner than later, with benefits.)

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