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Iomega Zip drive–need one?

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    I’m cleaning house today (in between checking out CISS‘s spiffy new stats site), and will be ebaying stuff I don’t want/need. Among them is a Iomega ‘Fotoshow’ kit, which for my intent and purposes was a zip drive reader for photos I had stored.

    I no longer need it. Does anyone here need it? Pics on zips that you’ve long since seen?

    Recent completed listings on the ‘bay for the 250Mb-version have gone for $20-50; $10 plus shipping, and it’s yours (shipping will vary dependent on whether you want the whole box of stuff (mostly useless–like you’d do a FotoShow with a zip drive anymore…) or just the Zippy itself.


    no thanks, i have a 100MB that i very seldom use.







    Nope. I have one that I should probably unload along with a dozen or so zip disks. I need to make sure that my thesis crap from the disks is backed up somewhere. Not that I will ever use it again. I’m not even sure if I have a computer with the right flipping port.


    Somewhere there is a flash drive with all my stuff from grad school on it. Somewhere…


    I used my old zip drive as a rifle target about six years ago when I realized it would only get me $10. I also refuse to pass on any digital media that I’ve used, so the disks were similarly disposed.


    My back-up to my back-up laptop takes a Zip Drive (no CD Drive… it’s really old)… fortunately, I already have 2, along with like 10 disks..

    I’ll pass, but thanx…

    Now, if you were local and just giving it away, I’m a big enough pack rat I’d probably take it just to keep it from going into a landfill.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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