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    So: my wife works in domestic care, and a few months ago called me over to help out one of her recently widowed clients with her aquarium. Cool old bird af about 70. I went over and spent around 6hrs sorting the damn thing out (it was in an apalling state). She’s old and disabled, can”t maintain it too well herself, so I tell her to call me if ever she needs help.

    Today I went over again because the tank was in the same shape as when I went there the first time – some fish hiding in 45gallons of algae. *sigh*

    We get to talking about the annoying and pushy know-it-all who was supposedly looking after the tank, and she mentions that he’s really into collecting clocks. I casually remark that I don’t much appreciate clocks, but like old cameras….

    She hops up and opens Aladdin’s cupboard and says, “Please help me out and take this crap off my hands – I HATE cameras, but my late husband kind of liked them.”

    So I got paid in cameras for 4 hours work. Here’s the score:

    1x Franka Solida
    1x Praktica superTL3 SLR with 3 lenses
    1x Izumar multi-image lens
    1x Fodor box camera
    1x Ilford Sporti
    1x Fodor Flash unit
    1x 1940’s aluminium and enamel tripod
    1x ricoh focus free p&s
    1x Minolta Panorama camera
    a couple of pretty antique-looking lenses – small: seem to clip onto the front of an old rangefinder camera (which wasn’t in there)
    1x Canon Powershot A540 with 3 memory cards

    here’s some of the cameras:

    Bonus! by J-B., on Flickr

    Here’s a q&d test shot with the multi-image lens in front of my dSLR:

    Multi-Image Izumar by J-B., on Flickr




    Very cool score.




    Share? =P


    Share? =P

    why not?


    I kid, but that is an awesome assortment you got as a reward.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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