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    So uhh, yeah. I broke the ever-loving shiat out of my right arm in Mexico on my dirtbike last Sunday. Bones were set late Sunday night (I set some of them myself just after the accident but couldn’t get the big ones without passing out). Made a splint out of a tire-iron, some extra fuel line, some electrical tape and a tongue depressor and then had to sit on the front of someone else’s bike while he rode the 57 miles back to the trucks. Then back into the States and to a hospital. Had surgery Tuesday. The doctors predicted a 1 hour operation but it took almost 4. Lots of metal. Follow-up appointment will be Monday and then we find out how bad the damage is and how long the recovery will be.

    Anyway, just wanted to drop in and let everyone know that I will be very absent on this site for a while. I will be participating in the contests for which I have a suitable archived photo or two but I won’t be taking any new ones for some time.

    On a small positive note, the x-rays are awesome! I’ll try to get them scanned and posted soon so ya’all can see what I did. 🙂


    Oh….My…God, Miller!!!!! Would it be weird to say I wasn’t so sure about you getting back into dirtbiking? Damn…please please please tell me you’re left handed (but I don’t htink you are…)! I can’t believe you MacGyver’d your arm up so much yourself. God it hurt just reading that! I’ll gladly ogle the x-rays, but damn, Miller, take care of yourself!!


    X-rays should be valid entries for heavy metal? Good luck with recovery! Break a…erm yeah, take it easy.


    Wow, that’s an awesome story. Heal well.

    Snug Tight

    Sorry to hear that millera9. Hope you heal fast.


    millera9 told us he was hardcore.




    Yikes… nothin better for waddin yourself up than a dirt bike. I recently sold my CR250, but the dude defaulted on payments, so i’m getting it back… I”m not sure whether it is good or not. Hehe.. Honestly, I’ve had the itch bigtime lately, so I’m going to have to pank it this spring. 😀 Plus my boss rides, and he just build a bad ass track on the back 20 of our new office/shop property. wooh00!

    Hope yer arm heals up good dude..


    That sucks dude! Take it easy and get better soon.


    Pssst, millera9. I’ll give you $5 if you edit your post to end with something that implies this sort of thing will happen to anyone who posts something off topic, or with not enough staplers.


    good luck with a speedy recovery millera9.

    did you see alton brown in the hospital?



    Well, patching your self up and doing what you had to do impresses me. Ballsy. But I just have to ask … what exactly were you doing when you bit it, and was it worth it?

    A quick and thorough recovery, sir.


    Thanks for the kind words and thoughts friends! It’s a week on and the wing feels a bit better. My first follow-up appointment is tomorrow and physical therapy starts Friday, so I’ll soon know how bad it really is.

    doug it was the third day of a 3-day ride through the Baja California back-country and it was a simple fast right hand sweeper on a well maintained dirt road. I still have no idea how I managed to fuck it up as badly as I did but I was on the ground very quickly. In my defense, I’ve been riding since I was 9 and I’ve eaten my share of dirt but this was unusual.

    Alas, it was a fantastic ride up to that point and we only had about 60 miles to go before we were done. One of these days I’m going to finish a baja trip (last time [2002] I broke my leg on the first day and ended up with a big titanium rod holding my tibia together. Hell, my whole right side is bionic now! Hehehehehe.

    Man, pain meds are fun! Anyway, it’s taken me 20 minutes to type this so I’m gonna quit the aw’ing now. Later all!


    at least when you crash, you crash right!
    I wish you a swift, surgery-free recovery, youngster.


    Oh good lord, you broke your leg down there too? It’s obvious that Baja doesn’t like you 😉

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