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    Mostly a question for Elsinore, but some of the PS crossover artists can chime in with experience from that side of the house.

    Premise: We’ve all seen (or should have seen) the fark-approved long cat is long.

    Postulate: I have an idea for an upcoming theme (not saying which one, just in case). You can already figure where this is going.

    Fark has a vertical file size limit of 1100 pixels, if I have an extremely thin crop for effect, this leaves me with only 100-300 pixels in width to work with. The fark-approved long cat is long solves this dilema (and far exceeds it) by splitting the image vertically in 1100 pixel chunks. So, my question is whether or not doing that with a photo would still fall within the spirit of farktography.

    Example (but not the contest photo in question):

    The photo would fit the theme, be from one exposure, etc., meeting all other farktography rules, it would just require posting as two halves.

    Part of me is afraid it might open the floodgates for similar and become abused, part of me thinks not so much because in actual, non-PS’d photos, a crop that extreme is rare (other than stitched panoramas, but that’s not what I’m thinking).


    /Yes, I know that only a handful of ?ber-geek maternal basement dwellers will have a monitor with enough resolution to show the whole image. It actually benefits from needed to be scrolled.


    If it is one exposure split to comply with Fark’s size limits, I see it as well with the letter and spirit of the rules.



    My only concern would be that one could also extend that concept to exceed the 640 max width by stacking horizontally and vertically, which would put everyone else who abides by the single 640-pixel width image at a possible disadvantage.


    I would think that most people wouldn’t be interested in posting like that however, since it is annoying to both do and view.


    My vote would be to limit people to keeping there pictures as a single image. Allowing people to split their picture into a couple images could just open up a whole bunch of issues and allow people to get around the file size restrictions by letting people divide a normal sized entry in half so that they don’t have to compress the image size.


    ^^ this


    A “vertical take-three” contest could be an interesting challenge though…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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