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    While shooting the toadstools, I came back in the house to switch lenses and stupidly put my Nikon 70-300 lens (which I LOVE) on the couch. I thought, oh move it back into the crack so it doesn’t roll off and then I’ll put it in the bag when I come back in. Well, of course I forgot about it and then my Chihuahua pulled the slipcover down to cover herself and it covered the lens too. So as I’m getting ready to go to bed I thought, ‘oh, straighten up the cover’ (which I normally would ignore…). I pulled it up and the lens went flying off onto my tile floor. ARGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! WHY can’t we have a little 1 minute rewind button on our lives, it would solve so many problems!!

    The lens cover was jammed on it, so I couldn’t tell what was broken, but crap was rattling around in there like crazy. So when I took it down to the camera shop to have it sent off to Nikon, I then realized I had my Helio UV filter on it too, FUCKIN’ A!!!! I’m hoping they can fix the lens as I’ve been saving up for the new D7000, not a damn lens replacement.

    To cover me while it’s gone, I’ve rented a Nikon 28-300. The only problem with that is I’m afraid I’ll fall in love with it and they cost almost as much as a D7000.

    It was a hard lesson learned for my lazy self. 😥

    If you care to share stupid things you’ve done, then maybe I won’t feel so bad. Unless of course, no one is as foolish as me, then I’ll feel worse, if that’s even possible! 😉


    Ugh, sorry to hear that.

    I hope this doesn’t turn into an epidemic, though. I had left my 17-35/2.8 AF-S on my desk yesterday, and knocked it onto the floor when I spun my chair around. Now the aperture mechanism isn’t opening and closing right.

    !#)#$))%)%)@$%^^% !!!!!!

    I’m hoping it’s nothing worse than a disconnected return spring….


    Last 4th of July I wandered away from my tripod for one minute and came back to find the wind had knocked a lawn chair into the tripod and knocked the whole thing into the sand lens first. so now my 18/55 kit lens doesn’t like to auto focus any more and the zoom feature gets a bit sticky sometimes. I think there might still be a piece of sand in there somewhere. Sorry for your luck!


    *sheds a tear*

    (*displaces any recollections of youthful–or more recent–stupidity*)


    I’m so sorry to hear that.

    I had a scare recently but fortunately all seemed to work out OK. I was on my way to photograph my son’s football game and put my monopod on the floor and camera with 1.4 extender and 2.8L-IS 70-200 lens on the back seat as I’ve done many times before. Only this time I had to make a really quick stop and as I did I heard this big “ker-thunk” as the camera went flying into the drivers seat and then onto the floor and monopod. I guess the seat and floor were padded enough that no damage (that I’ve been able to tell thus far anyway) was done, but boy was I cussing myself for a while.


    I think soosh already has the best fail/win epic

    We’ve all done bonehaded things. My personal achievements tend to include getting worried as the film counter rolls past 36.

    I took my D50 fishing in case I had to tell any fish tales. We took alot of waves that day. The camera did not survive.


    Ouch! I hate when that happens!
    I picked up my brandy spankin new 70-300IS USM lens right before heading out to a Sox game a few years ago. After taking about 4 shots with it I decide to swap out for a wider lens to take some wide shots of Fenway before the game starts. Well it was a Sunday night in April and it was about 37 degrees at game time. Wouldn’t you know my frozen fingers dropped the brand new lens on the cement. Smashed to bits. :(. Luckily Ritz Camera sells insurance and I was psychic enough to buy it. The only thing that sucked was it took 4 months to get it fixed. In the mean time I went out and bought another one because I am impatient and ebayed that one when it came back.


    Thanks for the empathy all and my sympathies for your accidents too. That story about Soosh’s lens is crazy!

    I’ve now decided to look into getting a Personal Articles insurance policy. I can’t remember if I read about that on here or a Flickr group, it sounds like it might be a good thing.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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