05-28-08 – A Moment of Reflection

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    Yeah, what they said. Thanks for the good work! I’m sure it keeps you on your toes 😀


    I pulled this one at the last minute… Thanks to timers so I didn’t have to be in the picture, even incidentally!
    Excellent work everyone.
    And I’m divided, my idea doesn’t seem as cool as I first thought it would, but secondarily, the picture actually came out better than I thought it would too so maybe it will balance out.


    I didn’t get a chance to take a shot of my motorcycles reflected in my helmet =(

    Sorry about the 2 rule breakers! I didn’t read closely! 🙁


    love what you guys have done!

    5.30 am, and i’m off to work, so vote extra for each other on my behalf 😀


    Sorry about the 2 rule breakers! I didn’t read closely! 🙁

    It happens; you’re fine 😉


    You have such a nice way of making us fark-ups not feel so bad about our errors….Thank you for this ! 🙂

    Also, I thank ALL Mods for doing what you do, and Schnee for keeping the world of stats possible !……Expect my donation soon !


    I had nothin’ this week, but I went in and voted…. soosh, the sunrise reflected in the windows is amazing, good job. I liked chanchanman‘s ‘beer goggles’, and the color in Pwaully‘s reflected space needle was beautiful. I thought RcMacStudent‘s double reflection (where is that?) was clever and showed creativity, and Flavivirus‘ shot of the tower with the water lilies(?) caught my eye. idle_hands and U-Man both got votes for creative use of ripples in the water.

    I thought that it might be useful feedback if I took the time to explain why I voted for certain pix, at least where it’s clear in my mind why I liked the shots. (I voted for others, but without necessarily clearly defined reasons.)

    Good job, you guys!


    …where is that?…

    Thanks for the kind words, that was taken in the (semi)public garden around the Walt Disney Concert Hall here in LA. If you’re ever in the neighborhood you should stop by and take one of their free tours, it’s an amazing place.


    Congrats to Flavivirus on your win this week!

    And now, thanks to our very own swampa’s suggestion, here are some milestones from this week:

    MorningBreath: 100th contest, 3500 votes and 4th place on overall votes.
    Sleeping: 300th entry
    U-Man: 3000 votes
    Soosh: 150th entry

    Great showing this week, folks 🙂


    Yay! And grats to the milestoners – particularly U-Man who I really look up to as a photographer!

Viewing 10 posts - 46 through 55 (of 55 total)
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