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Press Passes?

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    I just had a thought.

    When I was in college and came home for a weekend, I had made a fake press pass from my college newspaper so I could get into sports events. It doubled it’s value when the school board started having legal hearings over a racist and sexist superintendents firing of a principle because she gave a shit.

    Obviously, this won’t work for big things like nascar or nfl, but given the proliferation and ease of operation of the machines that make company id cards, i’m thinking fairly authentic looking farktography press passes could be fairly easily created for local events where a bag of gear and a big lens gets more of a second look than the badge itself.

    Not acting on it, just food for thought.

    /Or maybe drew could give us all “associate reporter/photographer” badges that would actually check out if the event organizers checked the status.


    A “Associate Photographer” badge would be pretty awesome 😉 Now we need some release forms and we’re good to go.


    I’d be all for that. When I was on my high school newspaper, I actually did have a press pass. I never used it, but it was awesome to think that anytime I COULD use it if needed.


    It’s be fun but I think Drew has always tried to stay away from actually becoming a news source. Still, it doesn’t hurt if someone wants to ask him about it.


    or just sign up freelance for your local freesheet newspaper. They tend to be cool that way.


    I had the same thought as I wandered about the Bills Training Camp.

    My thought is that we design our own, and have someplace like Kinko’s print and laminate them for us at cost.

    We already know a whole bunch of people who know Photoshop and other graphic design programs. We may want to ask Drew for permission to use the logo, or if there’s a way we can use “Farktography.” Alternatively, I would be more than happy to ask i-dig if we could use “Misfit Squirrels” if Drew opts out.

    If Drew does come around, we’d probably have to use our real names, and then clear them with Drew, so if someone forges a pass, Drew has some sort of cover.

    (Yes, I’ve thought about this.)


    Or, and this might just be crazy talk, you could check you local police dept’s rules on issuing press passes. Here in NYC bloggers can be issued Freelance Press Passes. The real thing is so much better! 🙂


    “It’s not gnus; it’s Fark”


    A press pass can be very handy. And not just for sports.

    CSB: I was cutting class, which I never do, to see the first launch at the New Mexico Spaceport about an hour’s drive from my house. I met several people on the south side of the port at a sheriff roadblock in the middle of the desert miles from the launch site. The launch was postponed for several hours, so some of us who had gathered there went home, while the rest of us drove further north to the official viewing area. The official area was no better, as it was 15 miles from the launch site. (So much for a public space port.) The only people permitted to be at the actual launch site that day were launch crew and press. There I met a friend of mine from another university who is a very serious amateur photographer, and he’s got professional connections. While we waited more for the launch, he told me that if he knew we would be 15 miles away, he would have called some of his connections to borrow an 800mm lens. I replied, that I would have contacted the school paper to get a press pass. So, finally the launch countdown started and ended, and all we could see was a zig-zag smoke trail. Nine seconds into flight, there way an “anomaly,” which in layman’s terms means the overgrown Estes model blew the fark up. Afterwards, I drew some cartoons for the school paper to express my dismay with taxpayer dollars funding such an elitist and unsuccessful endeavor. Unfortunately, graduate classes monopolized my time before I could get many of them published.


    “It’s not gnus; it’s Fark”

    No gnus is good gnus with Gary Gnu.

    The local freesheet might work though. I don’t know what the local rules are on bloggers.


    No gnus is good gnus with Gary Gnu.

    Better than Gary Glitter?

    We might also look into the local freesheets.

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