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    What did Santa bring you that is going to show up in your Farktography this coming year?


    Money was too tight this year for us to buy any expensive toys for each other.Spent the money on the grandson.
    I did get a Gary Fong Lightsphere and a off camera flash cord. So you’ll see those in action.


    Well, I was my own Santa, but I do have this now:


    My TFSS was special to me.

    I got this wondrous thing (and the hubby bought me film for it as a stocking stuffer – woot!)

    And he included a bronze statuette of Ganesh, a God of whom I’m very fond. The whole package really warmed my heart. He outed himself to me, but I don’t know if I am supposed to out him. He is among us and a hell of a good guy and a great photographer. Thank you. 😀

    Christmas in general rocked for me because the children all feel like they made out like bandits and even if they are a bit out of control mood-wise at the moment, they are happy and the household is full of holiday joy.


    Santa loves me!

    Watson 35mm bulk loader (with ~50 feet of Tri-X, ruined upon discovery. D’oh!)

    18 35mm cartridges

    2 changing bags

    whitebox brand developing tank with two adjustable reels

    Various film

    A good set of jewlers tools for fixing antique cameras

    and, following the analog trend, Tom Ang’s Digital Photography Master Class.

    Oh yeah, and a Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane CD.


    My mom was my Santa this year again and got me a canon efs 55-250 1:4-5.6 zoom lens to go with the Canon eos rebel xs she got me last year! I can’t wait to go out and try it on the local wildlife. I also got some cloths and my nephew got me the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series in one big book. So awesome Christmas here.


    I got a pink snuggie :/


    I got a light box so that I dont have to bunch up my blankets and drape my sheet over them for a “studio”.


    Nothing photography-related, but I did get a lot of cool stuff.

    10-color LED flashlight
    20-DVD set of Kids In The Hall
    bunch of books
    some cool Japanese bowls
    new pair of boots


    Oh, and I’ll out myself as just kat’s TFSS. I’m very happy my 2nd Ricoh went to a good home.


    Oh, and I’ll out myself as just kat’s TFSS. I’m very happy my 2nd Ricoh went to a good home.

    Yep, you rock!

    And I can’t wait to start taking pix, since olav got me film for xmas. =D


    I got a “Woody” human sculpture model. 🙂

    And my Mom sent me and hubby 5 books:
    2 books written by Ansel Adams: ‘The Camera’ and ‘The Negative’.
    Also a book of Ansel’s National Park Service Photos.
    ‘Photos that Sell’ – about freelance photography.
    ‘Business and Legal Forms for Photographers’

    MIL also gave me 2 gift certificates to get a facial and a manicure. Can’t wait to book those. *does happy dance*

    I hope everyone’s Christmas was safe and full of happiness.


    Santa gave me the fucking stomach flu for Christmas. I was not amused 😛 But I also got some photography books, a gel holder and gels for my shoe flashes, and an ambient light/flash meter. My Fark Secret Santa also gave me a sheet of plus green gel and a wedding photography book, and I scored another Land Camera off ebay, this one with a glass lens as opposed to the plastic one on my Grandfather’s. So yeah, Christmas wasn’t bad, until Santa brought the stomach flu.


    Oh, and very nice on the TLR action, soosh. You’ll have fun with that, justkat!


    Not a great shot, but I managed to snap it and thought I’d give it a share. the 20D on her shoulder made me giggle a little.

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