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    So there is a debate raging in the Photoshop Forum because a Farker affiliated with the Fark Shop ( is thinking of offering prizes in the Photoshop Threads. There is no mention of Farktography at this time, thus this conversation in entirely hypothetical.

    If someone were to come along and offer prizes for the Farktography threads would that be a good or bad thing?

    My initial reaction (for Photoshops) was “Cool, prizes would be awesome!” but after thinking about it I now believe it would ruin the contests. This goes double for Farktography. What makes this work is we’re not really competing for something, just the good feeling we get from being recognized. If someone were to come along and start offering prizes for our stuff, I think it would destroy the collegiate camaraderie that so makes Farktography such an awesome group.

    Again, no one has said word one about prizes for Farktography, I am just interested in what you think.


    If we had prizes, soon we’d have politicians courting for freebies, and politicians spoil everything. I vote ‘nay’.


    If we had prizes, soon we’d have politicians courting for freebies, and politicians spoil everything. I vote ‘nay’.

    This. I vote nay also.


    -1 from me as well.


    My first thought was that if we keep it small, like maybe $10 fark store credit for first, 9 for second, and so on through the top ten, or $10 for first, $8 for second, and $5 for third, it could be pretty cool. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that you’re absolutely right. There’s a PS this morning that shows a simple idea that could have been done in word or excel, that’s dominating over a couple decent PS’s. I’ll be the first one to admit, that although I don’t go out of my way to do so, if I can use a clever farkism or cliche in a photo, I will (and be honest, how many of us haven’t used beer or booze? (Yes, I know one of our regulars is a long-time AA and that person has not, but otherwise)). But when you feel like a truly good photo loses to something cheesy like that, it stings a bit. And I’ve been on both sides, winning like that feels a little dirty. I can only imagine this to be amplified if something more than egos and kudos were at stake.

    I give the idea a whole-hearted nay. If I want prizes, I’ll take my photos somewhere else.


    I like these contests being just for fun. However if someone wanted to offer up lots of really cool and very expensive prizes I may be willing to sell out on my principles.


    My first thought is – it’d bring in a lot more farktographers and competition. We’ve been discussing how it looks like participation has been sliding down as of late (then again I’m pretty new so I don’t notice the difference), but offering a prize would definitely boost that, IMO.

    However, we would absolutely lose the camaraderie that is shared in these events. When prizes are put on the line, people will take losses more personally. Some people may eventually jump ship when their photos never get voted in the top 10 (or wherever the prize spread is). Depending on the person, it could stop them from offering helpful tips to others because they don’t want to risk the *other* person winning *their* prize.

    / my 2 cents
    // -1


    for some of the reasons above and also general dislike of how weird (for lack of a different word) the voting gets i’m against it.

    also it was mentioned in the PSAEF that it wouldn’t be impossible to skew the voting if one really wanted to. prizes add that incentive.


    Good idea in principle, but could lead to really bad results, I think. Both for the reasons orionid mentioned and also because there would now be motivation to “game” the system or even cheat.

    However, if the prizes were to be awarded randomly, that could be a good thing – no motivation to game or vote-whore (any more than now), while encouraging more participation.


    I will also say nay to the idea of prizes. The idea of just giving prizes to random participants would be interesting but if it was for certain places I agree someone would try to game the system to get more votes.


    Pretty much what everyone said.


    Yep, I’m going to have to join the agreement brigade here-the point of farktography isn’t prizes, it’s the honor of winning, like the original olympics.


    Pitch my tent in the nay-sayers’ camp. Once word gets around, this place may go from “Freindly Corner Coffee Shop” to “Super Wal-Mart”.


    I’ll add my nay vote to this for the same reasons that have already been mentioned.


    I’m nay on a weekly prize but if there were a prize for say, the first time you win a Farktography contest and you only get it once, I think that would be cool.

    Alternatively, a recognition sort of prize such as IDK, your winning picture and Fark handle appearing in the sidebar of Fark for the week would be a better reward to me than a free t-shirt.

    As to what Farktographer was saying about participation – it’s something I pay a lot of attention to and it fluctuates greatly. We actually have more active regulars now than when I started and the ‘liters have been bringing hardcore competitive shots so far this year. At the same time, it would be great to get more participation – and if we can ever sort out the issues with the publisher/agent on the Farktography book I’m sure that will boost participation also.

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