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    Also some of you like No Big Deal , soosh, Elsinore owe me forms still…

    Hmm… I coulda sworn I sent you those? I don’t think I sent you higher res photos though.


    Anything new on the book’s status?


    Sort of. I was just commenting on Facebook that I was about ready to tell Drew et al that I was going to look for a self-publisher for it, since the book is pretty low priority for them. But orionid and I just put our stuff in storage and moved to Virginia – and my desktop computer was one of the things we put in storage, which is the computer than I have Adobe Illustrator on and the book files. I have a back up on another laptop, but it’s also in storage. The online links no longer work because I cancelled my hosting unfortunately, so any further developments will have to wait until we get our stuff out of storage, which should be no later than December. But if there hasn’t been a professional publisher in the picture at that point, I will try to have the book up by the end of the year through either Blurb, Createspace or some similar company (comparing price v. quality v. easy access by the general public so everyone can buy their own copy).


    Ok update on the book.

    I got an email from Drew today to say the agent was going to be ready to submit in two weeks. SO it’s not dead and if we’re lucky it might actually go somewhere before the end of the year.


    Cool. It would be a nice thing to have on my coffee table.



    Yep, it’s still being shopped Kyle. I will definitely be in touch with everyone when something concrete emerges.


    THe book, which was dead, then alive and then dead and then alive and then dead is now alive again. Publisher is looking to run a sample copy next week apparently. Of course this has the added problem of due to all the stupid military stuff we’ve dealt with the past year, it’s not done yet. But if I can actually hook up my desktop, I should be able to finish it.

    What I Need:

    If you volunteered to write an essay about Farktography (or are new and would like to write a brief one page essay about why you love Farktography or what it (or photography) means to you) I need it NOW. If I don’t get enough essays I will have to scrap the idea and pull the 2 I do have.

    If you volunteered to proofread the copy, I need you to commit to doing that this weekend. This is primarily looking for spelling/grammar/textual consistency (things that are supposed to be bold are bold, etc). I may not have the .pdf available until Sunday evening and I will need immediate turnaround on it.

    If you procrastinated on getting me a permission slip, I need it NOW. I’ll have a list of this posted in the forum and your email as soon as I have access to the file.


    If you don’t have my essay, I can do another one (essays are easy!).

    I am happy to proof; my responses will all be in the a.m. after work (the next 4 mornings, incl. Sunday) due to my schedule. After Sunday, I’m all yours (don’t tell orionid; he might get jealous) ;-p.

    Although I’m time-constrained photographically speaking (I know–I’ll go grave-digging in the vault and pull something up this week, and maybe next, and perhaps the one after…), this project is bigger than any one contest and I’m more than happy to contribute what meager time I have. I’ll sleep when I’m dead, or suffer comatose-caused hypothermia. :o)


    Let me know if you need more essays, I should have time to write a page or 2 before the weekend if you need anything.


    I’m new, and I’d love to do an essay.

    I’ll work on one tonight to tomorrow (not like I’m doing anything else right now).

    I wasn’t around to submit pix, so this is th eonly way to contribute, and I’d like to. This hobby’s been important to me this year.


    I tried writing an essay. It was dull, insipid and uninspired.
    So I wrote a poem.

    Photography /Farktography
    by Yugoboy

    Photography traps the beauty of the mundane.

    Farktography displays the trophy.

    Photography captures the ephemeral moment.

    Farktography sets those moments free.

    Photography requires paying attention.

    Farktography cashes in.

    Photography is zen.

    Farktography is the koan.

    Photography distances me from events.

    Farktography brings me closer to people.

    Photography requires understanding equipment.

    Farktography requires understanding people.

    Photography is my activity.

    Farktography is our activity.

    Photography is my first love.

    Farktography is where I give my love a Valentine.

    Feel free to use it or don’t.
    If you do decide to use it, please have it center aligned (I tried using both BBCode & HTML and neither allowed me to display the text centered the way I wrote it.)
    I am open to constructive criticism/advice.


    Wow for whatever reason this thread never showed up orange for me:

    Essayists: linguine, ravnostic PLEASE write something, get it to me by tomorrow. I need to turn a draft in to Drew tomorrow and I need more text. orionid this means you! justkat it’s also your moment if you’re contributing. Thanks to ennuipoet for already sending me an essay. Mopsy the essay you wrote is a little too short for its own page, so I’m putting it in the bios section.

    Speaking of bios, to those of you who wanted to put in a bio and didn’t get it to me yet (Elsinore, NoBigDeal, U-Man) I need those tomorrow by 5 pm EST or they won’t go in now. They may be able to go in later but no promises. Make it short and sweet.

    Yugoboy I’m using it. I may edit it a little, I’ll PM you a revision if I do.


    Also, I’m going to try to get a draft done by 4 pm today, removing all the photos from people with no permission slips and entering in the rest of the bios I have. I really need another set or few of eyes on this. The main thing is to catch any spelling/grammar errors and to compare everyone’s name preferences on their photos with what they requested in an accompanying excel spreadsheet document. It sounds like a lot of work but remember, there is very little text in the book. So if anyone is willing to proofread, I will add a dedication page with your name as one of the dedicatees (along with “All Farktographers, past, present and future”).


    Finally, here’s people who verbally (or emailly) gave permission to use their photos but never returned a permission slip. If any of these are RL friends of yours, can you ask them about it tonight?

    (since you’re an active member I won’t be taking your photos out atm, but please check your email and return the form ASAP)
    (hey! Are you still in?)
    (hey. I even have your files. but I don’t have a permission form. Same as clouddancer, I’ll leave you in. Form me.)


    The list of “yes-I-want-a-bio-but-I’m-not-providing-it-yet” grows to include Queen Mab and Ranger Joe/cameraflage, redwoodcruzr, schnee, sleeping

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